Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Gaming as a social activity; and hey, women game too!
There's a new study out from the Pew Internet Project about gaming and college students. Findings include understanding computer gaming as a social activity, connected to building friendships, etc. This reflects my experience with gaming-- especially when I was in college--which was always explicitly social. I played computer games with people (actual, physical people there in the flesh).

There was an interesting finding on the gender front: Women play games. That of course didn't surprise me and I was glad to see it. More surprising, though: more women than men reported playing online or computer games! However, the women were more likely to be playing things like solitaire, etc., rather than the sorts of things that usually pop to my mind when I think of gaming (RPGs, action, strategy, etc.) which makes this finding less surprisng than it intially seemed.

BBC article Pew Report Summary


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