Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Firefly Movie
According to Variety they are definitely making a film spin-off of Joss Whedon's shortlived television show "Firefly." Although it took me a little while to completely warm to it, I grew to really love that show during its short life . It was really starting to blossom into something special right about when Fox cancelled it. (I must admit, though, that I can see why it had a hard time finding an audience; it was a quite singular series in many ways). I'm not sure what the movie will be like; the strength and promise of the series, to me, was rooted primarily in character development issues-- the most prominent feature for which television can far outshine film, because of the luxury of time. But, still, this is happy news-- especially since the airwaves will soon be Joss-free, because of the WB's recent cancellation of Angel


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