Sunday, April 04, 2004

Censorship, academic freedom, speech

The SF Chronicle, this morning, recounts the expulsion of a student from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for writing a story with gratuitous, graphic violence. Furthermore, his (adjunct) professor's contract has not been renewed, possibly in part for assigning an "inappropriate" story by David Foster Wallace (the school did not cite a reason for her dismissal).
Several of Richman's former students and colleagues say that both she and the student have been treated unfairly by the university and that the incident has fueled a climate of fear and repression that seems especially out of place at an art school, particularly one in San Francisco.

When I first read about this, I assumed that this was a high school, but these are adult students at a University. (Not that it being a high school obviates the problems here, but I would find it less surprising at least)
A work of art or a harbinger of violence? / Grisly short story gets student expelled from S.F. academy -- and costs teacher her job (via boing boing)


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