Saturday, June 26, 2004

Two great tastes that taste great together: Office Space Wars

One of the funniest mashups I've seen: key scenes from the movie "Office Space" (a movie that I mistakenly refused to see when it was at the theaters because I thought it looked inane, but have grown to love since then-- it's quite funny and has a pretty penetrating critique of corporate culture) reshot as in the Star Wars universe, trailer-style.

Perhaps there are more important things I should be blogging about right now (e.g., the scary INDUCE Act , the Senate passing the PIRATE act, or, on a cheerier note, the recent court ruling striking down some of the FCC's attempts to raise broadcast ownership limits). But then again-- it's things like the ability to creatively manipulate and rework our common cultural materials-- resulting in gems like this mashup-- that are precisely what is at stake in the current trends of increasing control over media culture (via ownership, via overreaching of copyright law, via the fusing of DRM and law, etc.) in which the above legal issues are implicated..
Office Space Wars (WMV) Link


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