Friday, February 18, 2005

Inside Higher Ed

A new-ish website, Inside Higher Ed, is up now (in beta.) It's akin to the Chronicle of Higher Education (from which IHE's founders formerly hailed). But, unlike the chronicle (which locks most of its articles behind a (rather expensive) paid subscriber wall), Inside Higher Ed's articles are all free to access. It looks to be an interesting mix of columns/opinion pieces and news from around the academy, as well as links to the same from around the net.

For instance, on the front page right now, there are links to the transcript of Harvard President Lawrence Sumner's controversial comments about innate sex differences in math/science ability; blogging from the MLA; and a column about the vagaries of affiliation for adjunct professors. They also advertise a not-yet-released job search service, with the amusing description that "together, we're transforming the tedious, time-consuming and expensive process of applying for academic jobs into something almost enjoyable."

The site is still in its infancy (hence the beta description) but it looks like it could be of interest/use. (If they'd get an RSS feed up and running it would be even more useful.)


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