Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gotta Get My Stuff Done

Of course, I never, ever procrastinate. But if you occasionally do, you might enjoy this short animation. Especially if you, like me, (er, I mean, like this person I know) are an expert at using supposedly productive tasks as a rationalization. What the fact that I'm (hopefully) back to blogging after a long hiatus says about my commitment to getting stuff done in 2005 (is blogging a source or an object of procrastination?), I'll leave to the reader. Gotta Get My Stuff Done


Blogger Bob said...

yeah molly! i'm glad to see that you're back. i posted this on my blog, but i'll write it again here. i found that not having my stuff done, my thesis was an incredible motivation for blogging. so far this year, now that i have my thesis done, i blogged a whole lot less than i did during the time when i had a whole lot of stuff to do. in other words, it used to be the source of procrastination. now it is the object. as i was once the learner, now i am the master. or something like that.

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