Wednesday, August 04, 2004

TiVo and the Broadcast Flag: update

Some have had to endure me babbling on about my dissertation research, including the broadcast flag and digital video recorders, like TiVo. Today's news brings these two topics together. The FCC has released its ruling on the acceptability of TiVo's plans to allow limited sharing of content over the web. Somewhat surprisingly (to me anyway) they've approved the TiVos. No time to babble right now (just wait!) but here's a link to an LAT newsblurb about the ruling: Los Angeles Times: FCC Approves Limited Video Web Sharing


Blogger Bob said...

i didn't read the article since the stupid la times website makes you register to read anything older than 1 freakin day, but i just had a couple of comments.

1. holy cow, that is a surprising move by the fcc. maybe there's some secret tivo lobby that we don't know anything about. or maybe the fcc has been ordered to avoid controversey during this election season.

2. maybe the whole music filesharing thing was a lesson for media industries. if there's anything that the whole napster-riaa flap has taught me, is that there are 6 zillion ways for me to get a free copy of the r. kelly video, and there's not a damn thing that any of the record companies can do about it. maybe television industry and/or the fcc has finally realized just how futile it is to try and prevent americans from trying to get shit for free.

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