Friday, March 04, 2005

Cool tool: Faster Acrobat/PDFs

I love how many articles are available online these days-- I'll go to great lengths to avoid actually schlepping over to the library. But, I'm often driven batty by Adobe Acrobat: it's so poky! So, I was psyched to read about this little program: Adobe Reader Speedup, which disables some of the unused plug-ins that delay the program's startup time. I just downloaded and installed it and I can already see the difference (if I'm not imagining things, which I suppose is always possible.) Check it out (of course I make no guarantees that it won't totally screw up Acrobat, but it the whole process is apparently reversible, so I'm not too worried.)

(via Pub Sociology)

UPDATE: Bob points out in the comments that Adobe Reader 7.0 is much speedier than 6.0 (which I'd been using)-- so I guess this nifty little program isn't necessary afterall. Instead, consider this post a reminder to update your version of Reader if you, like me, haven't gotten around to it. (Now that I have I'm happy. Ah, the simple things...)


Blogger Bob said...

just in case you or your readers didn't konw, adobe reader 7.0 has been out for a while and is a zillion times faster than 6.0. you can download it for free at adobe's website.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Molly Moloney said...

Thanks Bob. It looks like I'm still using 6.0, so I guess it's time for an upgrade. (And I just noticed that the one comment over at the initial post where I saw this add-on referenced (at Pub Sociology) concurs w you completely.)

2:38 PM  

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