Thursday, July 24, 2003

Star Trek: Enterprise- Can it be fixed? Last season the ratings for Star Trek continued to decline-- but they're still trying to "fix" it. I wonder, though if it is fixable at this point. I'm a bit skeptical, to say the least.

The current plan, discussed in this San Jose Mercury article, is to have a military/action oriented season, focused on one mission/war. As someone who tends to be drawn to serial based television, I find this intriguing. If the story arc is actually carefully planned out and they're not just winging it as they go it could allow for some new stors of stories, for ST. This tendency was one of the things that I tended to enjoy most about DS9.

But as someone who's also generally drawn to very character-based television writing, this doesn't bode well for what I'd like to see. I watched "Enterprise" half-heartedly its first season, and pretty much gave up on it over the second season (who would have imagined that I'd just stop watching a new ST series?). I have caught some of the second season this summer, though, during this re-run time. "Enterprise" has many problems-- a feeling of "been there, done that" and lack of freshness in the storytelling, a loss of the sense of speculation or exploration or even science fiction, but also most of the characters are (to me) duller than dirt. I just can't care about any of them and there seems to have been close to no intersting development of most of these characters since teh show's debut. So, going this more action-packed route doesn't to me seem to be addressing the key problems. However, I'm also presumably not a member of the young male demographic that they keep trying to get, so . . .


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