Monday, August 07, 2006

Deep Genre

I just frittered away my lunch hour, immersed in the new-ish blogDeep Genre. The group blog features contributions from Constance Ash, Carol Berg, Barbara Denz, David Louis Edelman, Kate Elliot, Katharine Kerr, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Sherwood Smith, and Lois Tilton-- quite a nice slate of accomplished SF/fantasy writers, that. The blog is chock full of provocative posts about story, narrative, and particularly interesting to me have been the discussions about the boundaries of genre definitions and the relationship between SF and Literature (with a big-fat capital L). See for instance Lois Tilton's posts "Genre Don't Get No Respect" and "Genre Don't Want No Respect." If you're an avid sf reader, it's definitely a blog to take a tour through. If you do check it out, be sure to read the comments-- like one of my very favorite blogs Making Light (from which I'm pretty sure I first found the link to Deep Genre), some of the best isn't just in the (themselves very good) formal entries, but in the ensuing discussions.


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